Oral Health Travel Kit for Kids

The Best Dental Tools for Active Summer Months

Now’s the time for a summer break. Although a break is wonderful, it’s no reason to neglect your oral health. Negligence like this can easily transpire when you go away on vacation. Fortunately, the following dental tools will assist your family with maintaining good oral health while vacationing:

Dental Brush with Protective Container

A toothbrush should be the first item included in your family’s travel dental tools. It should be one that’s comfortable to hold, and its bristles should be soft and rounded. It should also fit nicely in the mouth to make brushing easy. It should display an approval seal from the American Dental Association to confirm that it was examined and works well.

See that your family members brush their teeth two times a day, two minutes each time. Send your children reminders to do this every day.


Along with a small toothbrush, you should pack a pleasant-tasting toothpaste your children will like. Do not give them toothpaste designed to whiten teeth since the ingredients may damage the enamel. Make sure the toothpaste is ADA approved.

Dental Floss

Floss cleans areas the toothbrush misses. It cleans between the teeth. Give your children dental floss or dental picks to get them to floss.

Tongue Cleaner

A tongue cleaner is used to scrape bacteria off of the tongue. Bacteria causes foul breath. This effective tool is better known as a tongue scraper. Scrape your tongue with the wide end after brushing your teeth. Don’t press down hard. When done, wash and rinse the scraper.

For People with Oral Appliances (Braces)

Cleaning your teeth and gums can be a challenge if you have an oral appliance in your mouth. Here is a list of tools made for people who wear an oral appliance:

Oral Appliance Brush

An oral appliance brush, or proxabrush, is a dental tool made for people who wear oral appliances. A proxabrush is made to clean the teeth and the appliance. Like a toothbrush, it has a handle. One end is shaped like a cone, and on it are slender bristles. Three or four replacement heads are supplied to ensure a good mouth fit. The head cleans between the teeth and in back of the brackets. A proxabrush should be used after you brush your teeth to remove any remaining food.

Threader for Floss

Flossing can be difficult for people with braces or other oral appliances, but a floss threader makes it easy. It helps floss the backside of brackets and spaces between the teeth. Just secure the end of an 18-inch piece of floss to the loop on the threader, slip the pointed end of the threader into the areas you want cleaned, and floss.

Keep the Routine Going

Vacation fun can distract you from practicing good oral care, but don’t let it. Spend two minutes two times a day brushing your teeth. Floss once daily. Make morning and evening cleanings a game with your children. Share what you liked about the day and what you are anxious to do while you are still on vacation. Practicing oral care with one or more family members will make all of you more responsible and dedicated to your routine.

Enjoy the Summer and Stay Safe!

At Kidzania Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, our passion is helping parents like you discover ways to maintain focus on your family’s oral health. Let us evaluate your little one’s smile by making an appointment with us, and allow us to give oral health advice and effective treatment choices.