Holidays and Pediatric Dentists in Aubrey, TX

Some Tips For Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Clean During The Holidays

During the holidays we all like to travel. Whether you are flying to far off lands across the globe or vising relatives a few towns away you will be in for a great time out of the house with your children.

As you enjoy the various sights, sounds, and foods on your holiday vacation it is important that your kids maintain good car of their teeth. It’s easy to forget as you’re having fun, but it is important to remind your kids that they need to brush and floss during the vacation.

Brush Whenever You Have The Chance

Whether you’re on an airplane or in the family car there may be instances wherein you will have to brush your teeth. This is especially important to remember if you let your kids have sweet treats to keep them occupied during the trip. Have them brush as much as possible to prevent what they eat from collecting in their teeth.

You can do this by keeping a second travel toothbrush for your children so that they will be encouraged to brush their teeth and rinse during every stop along the way.

Clean Your Teeth At The End Of Each Day

When you’re traveling or when you’re on vacation it is tempting for you and your children to want to brush quickly so that you can go to bed. However this type of brushing can leave large spots that can lead to some troubles down the road. With this in mind you should remind your children to follow your lead and brush, floss, and rinse at the end of the day.

Have Them Pick Out A Special Toothbrush For The Occasion

One possible way you can get your children excited to brush their teeth during the vacation is by making a stop at a store and letting them pick up a special holiday toothbrush. Let them choose whichever one they one — be it a regular toothbrush or a toothbrush sporting their favorite superhero or movie character. Doing this will help them look forward to brushing (which they should be doing two times a day at minimum).

Don’t Forget About Teeth When Preparing Meals

If you’re staying at a hotel your children may have an urge to eat the complimentary sweets or eat the sugary foods that will be brought to their door by the staff. These can be eaten in moderation, but it is important to remind your children to brush soon afterwards.

For regular meals it is important that your kids avoid sugary beverages like juice and soda and instead opt for the ever-handy water. As for the meals themselves it is important to keep an eye on the foods you’re serving as to prevent damage to your children’s teeth such as tooth decay.

Before your vacation (or after you come back) you should set up a pediatric dental appointment for your children. Call us today so that we can check out your children’s teeth and make sure that they’re healthy well into the future.

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