Schedule a Pediatric Dentist Visit at the Start of 2022

If you are like most people, you probably start off the New Year with a few resolutions or goals to improve your life. This is a great habit to have because it helps you take care of yourself and make positive changes. However, don’t forget about your kids! You can even make resolutions for them. If you have children over the age of one, then it is time to schedule a visit to the pediatric dentist. Make it your New Year’s resolution to focus on your kids’ dental health this year.

Kids’ dental health is extremely important. Baby teeth set the stage for permanent teeth, so keeping the teeth and gums healthy and clean is very important, even from a young age. Did you know that tooth decay can impact a child’s ability to eat or even sleep? You need your kids’ teeth healthy, so they can learn at school and speak correctly. Here are a few tips you can use to make your child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist an easy one at the start of a new year!

Remember the First Birthday

Try to schedule your first visit to a pediatric dentist by your child’s first birthday. However, if your child is already over the age of one, it is never too late to start practicing good dental hygiene habits. This first visit will be the first of many visits to a “Dental Home Base,” so start early to ensure your child feels comfortable at these visits and follows good dental practices early.

Try a “Get Acquainted Visit”

If you have a toddler who might be wary or even scared of the first dental appointment, you can schedule a “Get Acquainted Visit.” This trial run will ease some of the anxiety that your child might feel about the first check-up. You can let your little one get more familiar with the office, the people who work there and the tools before the first appointment.

Answer All Questions

It is likely that your little one will have questions about the upcoming dental appointment. Be sure to answer all of those questions positively. Avoid using negative or scary words. Most of the time, first visits do not hurt a child, so you can avoid using that world entirely. Making the dental visit seem like an adventure can eliminate the fear or worry.

Read a Story

You may even want to read a story with your child about a trip to the dentist’s office. You can ask your pediatric dentist for recommendations or take a trip to the local public library to find a few. Your child can see that everyone visits the dentist and that it isn’t scary at all.

Give Control to the Child

It is very important to give your child some control over the visit. For example, let your child decide which stuffed animal to take along for the visit or which flavor toothpaste he wants to use. Being in control of the situation may calm fears.

Allow the Dentist to Build a Relationship

While you may want to do most of the talking during the first visit, try to step back and let the pediatric dentist take control and build a positive relationship with your child. After all, your child has to trust and feel comfortable with the pediatric dentist for the visit to be a success. You can ask your questions and hold discussions with the dentist after the examination.

Start your kids’ new year off right with a visit to the pediatric dentist. This will ensure your kids have a happy and healthy year!

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