Handwashing to prevent coronavirus

Measures we are taking to curb the spread of COVID-19

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is crucial to check how your child’s pediatric dentist ensures your safety whenever you give them a visit.

The importance of having safety champions

At Kidzania, there are various employees, such as assistants and cleaners, who ensure proper decontamination of all surfaces. Despite their previous training, these professionals are put through advanced training routines to learn how to provide a safe environment free of COVID-19 contamination. The champions are also fully aware of all the statutory requirements for organizations such as clinics that have physical interactions with their clients. This enables them to ensure that visitors also follow all the requirements.

These safety champions routinely rotate, to ensure that each of them gets a chance to learn and become responsible for various steps as detailed below:

  • Welcoming patients into the clinic.
  • Ensuring that all surfaces are clean.
  • Maintaining the standard social distancing measures.
  • Ensure the statutory standards by governing bodies such as the CDC about personal protective equipment are strictly adhered to.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment to reduce the chances of contraction

Among the items recommended as personal protective wear are face masks, disposable gloves, face shields, and full-body gowns. Organizations tasked with public health advice that individuals shouldn’t overlook these items as they help curb the spread of COVID-19 virus. Staff are trained on the proper use of these PPEs, which sufficiently prevent the transmission of the contaminants. The adequate use of the PPEs ensures optimal efficiency in preventing further spread of the virus.  Before a patient is admitted into the clinic, we have all the required protective equipment to protect ourselves, other patients, and staff members.

Daily temperature tests on staff

It is crucial to ensure that each of the staff members is taking personal precautions in protecting themselves from contamination. Our staff members go through daily temperature checks before getting into the work premises to ensure that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms. If one of our staff members is found to have viral symptoms, they are advised to self-quarantine at home until they have a clean bill of health.

Carrying out anti-bacterial rinses on patients

Our mouths are home to many harmful pathogens whose build-up may cause a weaker immune system. People with lower immunity are at a higher risk of contracting the COVID-19 and therefore encouraged to clean and rinse their teeth regularly with anti-bacterial rinses. The advantage of this exercise is removing any bacteria lodged on the teeth and gums, which are known to cause tooth decay and gum diseases. Anti-bacterial rinses also help protect staff members from infection when working on patients.

As mentioned above, the guidelines are a pointer in various ways that our clinic ensures your safety. However, it is essential to do your homework and inquire whether new procedures are in place, as advised by the various public health authorities. Following up on these measures keeps you abreast of any extra personal steps you and your family should take to ensure total protection at your next appointment.