Can you chew gum with braces? Get the facts

You may be wondering if you can chew gum with your braces now that you have them. For a long time, many orthodontists told people with braces not to chew gum. Gum was full of sugar, which could cause cavities, and it could damage your dental work.

Gum has changed along with the times. People with braces can now choose from a wide range of sugar-free gums. Sugarless gum recipes are less sticky than regular gum, so they are less likely to get stuck in your braces.

The materials we use for braces have also changed, making gum safer for people with braces. Now, braces are made of materials that are more flexible and less likely to break when you chew sugar-free gum.

Surprisingly, there are some good reasons to chew sugar-free gum when you have braces.

Why it’s good to chew gum with braces

Gum can help with pain.

Braces can be uncomfortable at times. Some people find that chewing gum helps ease the pain they feel in their jaws and ligaments.

Using gum without sugar can help prevent tooth decay.

We don’t think of candy as a way to keep cavities away, but sugar-free gum can! When chewing gum, you increase your saliva production. In turn, this helps get rid of food and bacteria in the mouth. Food can get stuck in your braces, but you can help wash it away by chewing gum. This is especially helpful if you can’t brush right after a meal.

This increase in saliva production also helps neutralize acids in the mouth that come from food or are made by oral bacteria. Acids can hurt your enamel, but saliva can protect it.

Recommendations for Chewing Gum

Many dentists and orthodontists say that Trident is the best gum to chew with braces. Whether you chew Trident or want to try other brands, make sure the gum has xylitol to make sure it is safe for braces and keeps your teeth from getting cavities.

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