6 Dental Care Tips For Summertime

The doctors at Kidzania Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics wish all kids a fun and joyful summer!  Here are some tips to keep yours and your child’s dental care in top shape.

Stay hydrated – The glorious warmth and extra activity during summertime can lead to dehydration if you do not drink plenty of water. Dehydration causes dry mouth. Saliva protects your teeth by constantly rinsing away food particles that can lead to plaque build up. Bacteria thrives on food particles and plaque. This bacteria produces acid. Combine this acid with the acid that occurs in the food and drinks you consume, and you have a recipe for tooth decay. Staying hydrated allows your body to produce enough saliva to protect your teeth.

Eat healthier – Cut out those acidic processed foods and stock your fridge and pantry with fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks. Having better snack choices available doesn’t guarantee you will eat them, so prepare serving-sized snacks that are easy to grab when you are hungry or on your way out the door.

Just say no to chewing ice – Some people like to crunch on ice to hydrate and cool off in the summer heat. But ice is literally as hard as a rock. Well, it’s harder than some rocks. Chewing ice can crack or break your teeth or dental work. Sucking on ice is alright, but be careful not to choke. Better yet, enjoy a nice big glass of ice water.

Take special care of your mouth – Summertime brings picnics, ball games and other fun outdoor activities. Sweet treats are often part of these good times. That is why you should pay careful attention to your oral hygiene routine during summer. Replace your toothbrush and check to make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride. Take some extra time when flossing to be sure you are getting between all of your teeth. Most bacteria live there and right at the gum line.

Don’t forget about your lips – Remember to apply sunscreen to your lips. There are many balms available, and they all protect from the sun. This is important because lips contain no melanin, which in the skin’s natural defense against sun damage. Soaking up too much sun can cause skin cancer. Lips are not immune from this. Reapply protective lip balm every time you reapply sunscreen to your skin.

Don’t skip visits to your dentist – Summer is a busy season. Everyone wants to get out and have some fun. Summertime exercise is important and so are regular dental checkups. Your dentist will identify any small problems so they can be fixed before they become big problems. Don’t forget to schedule a cleaning if you are due for one.

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