5 Cool Ways to Win Over Halloween Sugary Goodies

5 Cool Ways to Win Over Halloween Sugary Goodies

Fall is here, and with it comes all kinds of fun. At the top of the list for many kids is Halloween, with its many parties at school and with friends, costume contests that will let your kids show off their best-ever costumes, pumpkin carving, and tons of delicious, sugary treats.

But mixed in with all this fun is something that’s even scarier than the creepiest ghosts and ghouls: cavities! Help protect your child’s smile by letting them indulge in the season’s fun while following a few easy tips to help them keep the sugary treats under control at Halloween and through the rest of the holiday season.

Head Out for Trick-or-Treating after a Good Meal

Halloween can be a busy day, what with handling costumes, getting everybody to events on time and then making sure they are ready to go trick-or-treating after all that, but squeeze in some time to make sure your kids have a chance to eat before they head out. A well-balance meal will not only make your kids feel better and more alert, it will also help to minimize how much sugar they consume while they’re out making the rounds.

Moderation is the Key

It may be fun to keep full candy bowls sitting around the house for Halloween and beyond, but curb the urge and keep the candy to a minimum. Also insist that your kids moderate how much candy they eat in a day and control how much time they spend snacking on sugary treats. Such moderation will help to prevent your kids from getting cavities.

When Snacks are Eaten is Important

While it may seem easy to let your kids have a sweet treat at any time during the day, if they aren’t able to brush their teeth soon after you’ll be setting them up to have all that sugar work its way into their teeth and get the cavity process started. It’s better to let them have their sugary treats in the evening, after dinner, when they’ll soon be brushing their teeth before bed. If they absolutely can’t get to a toothbrush after eating sweets, get your kids to rinse out their mouths with water. It isn’t a substitute for brushing, but it does help to remove some of the sugar, thus minimizing the damage that is done.

The Good News – Choose Chocolate

Finally, a chance to choose to eat chocolate. Your kids aren’t likely to argue with you over this one. Eating chocolate instead of other, stickier kinds of candy is better for their teeth because the sugar from chocolate doesn’t stick around as long. This means less bacteria for the teeth, so fewer cavities for your kids.

Repurpose that Candy

Guide your kids into finding other uses for all that holiday candy and teach them how to make crafts from the treats. They can make all kinds of fun items and keep that sugar far from their teeth. They can even use their candy to make gifts for friends and family. Check out Pinterest for some awesome, crafty ideas for putting excess Halloween candy to use without causing a single cavity. Your kids may even find that crafting with candy is more fun than eating it.

Keep in mind that good dental hygiene applies to all seasons. While Halloween and the months beyond do tend to have more sugary treats than the rest of the year, brushing and flossing is important no matter what the season is.

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